Rinks participated over the 50 years = 1834 rinks making a total of 7336 curlers attending

These 1834 rinks played 6930 games ranging from 10 ends for 23 years, 8 for 26 years and 7 for 1 year

During the fifty years 995,744 stones were delivered in competitive games


The total weight of stones delivered was 18,670 tons

The total distance travelled by these stones was 26,025 miles
The curler walks with the delivered stone and returns to the throwing end they walked 52050 miles


Aviemore Mountain Resort <--------> 1967 – 1999
Inverness Ice Centre <--------> 2000 - Present

Trophies played for over the years
Johnnie Walker .Weatherseal........ Glenfarclas Quaich

Convenors Over the years (years)

Major Allan Cameron - George Grant - Islay Shaw - Shirley Campbell - Abby Duncan