The Winners of the
Highland Week Of International Curling
History Extracted From "The Highland Week" Annual Programmes

The history shown on these pages is factual history taken from the Programmes provided to the curlers at each Bonspiel, some of the photographs do not have the quality I would like as they are scanned in from Programmes that have survived a week in someone's pocket and then kicked around cupboards since then, please bear with me as the years go on the pictures not only get better quality but are more varied and increase in number.

On the winners board each date is linked to a page with a photograph of the winners at least and any other pictures or parts of the programme relevant to that year.

Obviously as time goes on and more detail becomes available either from photographs found or supplied by curlers who attended then that will be added


Click on the date hyper links to visit photo's of that year
1967 Bob Christie Scotland Johnnie Walker
1968 Bob Christie Scotland Johnnie Walker
1969 Elsie MacKenzie Canada Johnnie Walker
1970 Gibb Booth Canada Johnnie Walker
1971 Chet Randall Canada Johnnie Walker
1972 Bengt Cederwall Sweden Johnnie Walker
1973 Bengt Cederwall Sweden Johnnie Walker
1974 Garry Hanson Canada Johnnie Walker
1975 Gerry Edwardson Canada Johnnie Walker
1976 Don Scheidegger Canada Johnnie Walker
1977 Garry Hanson Canada Johnnie Walker
1978 GerryKasdorf Canada Johnnie Walker
1979 Thomas Hellstrom Sweden Johnnie Walker
1980 Bob Fortune Canada Weatherseal
1981 Hammy McMillan Snr Scotland Weatherseal
1982 Bob Fortune Canada Weatherseal
1983 Allan Cameron Scotland Weatherseal
1984 Charlie Binnie Scotland Weatherseal
1985 Rudi Pichler Switzerland Weatherseal
1986 Bob Fortune Canada Weatherseal
1987 Jim Nodwell Canada Glenfarclas
1988 Jim Nodwell Canada Glenfarclas
1989 Ueli Joehr Switzerland Glenfarclas
1990 Garry Merrett Canada Glenfarclas
1991 Garry Merrett Canada Glenfarclas
1992 Jack Kennedy Scotland Glenfarclas
1993 Stewart Bennett Canada Glenfarclas
1994 Stewart Bennett Canada Glenfarclas
1995 Graham Kerr Scotland Glenfarclas
1996 Lockhart Steele Scotland Glenfarclas
1997 Hector Williams Scotland Glenfarclas
1998 Lockhart Steele Scotland Glenfarclas
1999 Lockhart Steele Scotland Glenfarclas
2000 Lockhart Steele Scotland Glenfarclas
2001 Phil Staddon Canada Glenfarclas
2002 Ture Ekholm Sweden Glenfarclas
2003 Sandy Davidson Scotland Glenfarclas
2004 Res Riggenbach Switzerland Glenfarclas
2005 Peter Fraser Scotland Glenfarclas
2006 Peter Fraser Scotland Glenfarclas
2007 Merlin Orvik U.S.A Glenfarclas
2008 Marc Stasser Switzerland Glenfarclas
2009 Gavin Nicol Scotland Glenfarclas
2010 Sandy Anderson Scotland Glenfarclas
2011 Sandy Reid Scotland Glenfarclas
2012 Merlin Orvik U.S.A Glenfarclas
2013 Merlin Orvik U.S.A Glenfarclas
2014 Jurg Dunecke Switzerland Glenfarclas
2015 Adrian Helbling Switzerland Glenfarclas
2016 L S G